Staff conflict to harmony in three easy steps.

Use real data from peers to create positive, productive and happy employee reviews.


“my opinion versus your opinion” appraisal conflicts!


improvement from one year to the next.


against others in your company and everyone in our database.

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the first time appraisals can build relationships, not destroy them.

We've spent years developing the world's first real solution to every manager's most difficult conversation - THE ANNUAL APPRAISAL!

There have been countless books written on the subject and whole PhD theses performed to help managers manage conflict best. The problem is that none target the root cause of the problem.  

Why your appraisals are so painful!
So what is the root cause? It's simple. The subjectivity of one opinion. Not just one opinion, but the opinion of someone (you) who your staff member thinks is out to get them. How could you possibly know anyway? You're not there every minute of their working day. And there was good reason for THAT behaviour on THAT occasion due to situations that you are totally unaware of! Sound familiar?! 

The Answer
It's simple! If one untrusted opinion is the issue, then factor in several trusted opinions to the conversation. Our platform allows you to define a question set suited to your needs and harvest multiple anonymous opinions from other staff members as well as yourself AND the employee. The resulting aggregated information facilitates such a realistic and positive conversation around the issues that the managerial conflict is instantly diffused. 

Then What?
Once that shift has made towards a positive new world - our tool can be used to measure progress year on year using the same objective data. Finally, you can measure reponses versus everyone else in our database to check overall performance. This breaks you out of reliance on opinions altogether - both yours and others internal to your company.